Raise your curry IQ: Kulcha, Rogan Josh & Tawa

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Curry is part of the fabric of Britain today, it’s considered a truly British dish, but when it comes to ordering, we can often stick with the tried and tested curries.

However, there is a whole world of flavour and taste on our menu, all we need is to know what some of the words mean. In our Curry IQ series, we’re here to help you raise your curry game so you can experience the wonderful world or curry more fully!

Check out these three:



When you think of Naan you often think of garlic, Peshwari or Keema naan, but by gosh is this one tasty. It’s a naan filled with vegetables, often onions.


Rogan Josh

The Rogan Josh originates from Persia, but is now associated with Kashmir, the disputed territory between India and Pakistan. The origin of the two words are uncertain, but Rogan appears to mean “clarified butter”, whilst Josh refers to a stew in Persian but meat in Urdu. So whichever origin you choose, you get a delicious spicy stew with meat that we all love today.



We’ve got a whole section on our menu devoted to Tawa dishes. The word Tawa, or Tava, means “cooking pan” in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu, and therefore is in honour of the type of shallow frying pan used to cook it. The Tawa is used to cook naan.


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