Learning the art of sharing curry

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Sharing and curry don’t seem to really be a very, British thing, is it? Well at least the debate as to whether we share or not is still raging in the UK.

On one hand we have sharing. This is the argument that says, why have one curry when you can try loads? Variety is the spice of life after all, so let’s make every mouthful a new experience.

On the other hand is eating solo. You know what you like, so stick with it. Sharing? You can’t think of anything worse than giving part of your perfect curry for a curry that you may not like as much. Then there’s the sharing of germs, disgusting!

At this moment in time, it appears that Britain favours eating solo. But have we missed something?

We think the problem is about the nature of eating in the U.K. Here in Blighty we are so used to eating in front TV, with a tray on our laps and being in our own space. Everything is individual, clean and efficient.

In other countries, however, eating is a communal experience, it’s a place where relationships are made and time is taken to share your life with other people. It’s messy. According to a study in Belgium sharing food can actually make you a better person. Sharing food together actually has a link to more altruistic behaviour.

So the next time you order a curry with us, why not try turning off the TV, sit around a table with friends, share stories and most importantly, share your curry. Who knows, you might just make you a better person in the process.

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