Ice Lolly or Curry – Which will keep you cooler? Find out here

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We’ve been loving the heatwave recently. A good chance to top up the tan… but we British also love complaining about it.  As soon as it arrives we’re frantically Googling ways to stay cool.

In our view, it’s completely understandable. The sun isn’t usually around for long enough to justify paying out for expensive air conditioning, and desk fans just make things worse, as they push the hot air around the room and the motors actually make the room warmer. This means that we are stuck getting hotter and hotter with no obvious way to cool down.

There must be a better way and did you know that a curry could be one of the best ways to cool you down?

Think of most hot regions in the world and their traditional cuisine has spicy food at the core – Mexico, much of Africa, the far east – all spicy – and India is no exception. The reason that spicy food is helps keep you cool is that it raises your internal body temperature to the same level as the air temperature, which will make you sweat. The sweat will cool the skin making you feel cooler.

You might be thinking that having a cold drink would be much more effective, and less sweaty, however this is a red herring. The effects are only short lived as the cold drink will cool your body temperature too quickly, meaning your body will try and get you back to normal by raising your temperature, and as a result you’ll feel hotter.

So ditch the ice lolly this summer and get yourself a curry to cool down, why not check out our menu now

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