Curry IQ: Sag Aloo, Dansak & Biryani

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Throughout our Curry IQ series, we’ve been showing you some common curry words with little known meanings.

Curry is, of course, an umbrella term for a whole range of dishes, and they can vary depending on region and origin, meaning that there is a whole world of curry to explore.

So next time you go to order your usual, try these three… and if you already eat these, you can impress your mates with your knowledge!

Here’s the list:

Sag Aloo

This has got to be one of the UK’s favourite side dishes, and the meaning is very much ‘say what you see.’ The word Sag or Saag is a Hindi word which means spinach or other green leafy vegetable. Aloo comes from Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit and means potato. Spinach Potato, which is… exactly what the dish is!


The Dansak (or Dhansak) is a delicious curry,mixing Dhal (lentils) with meat. The first part of the word, Dhan, comes from the Persian/Urdu word for “seed”, whilst the second part of the word, sak, comes from the Gujarati word “shaak” meaning vegetables. It was traditionally cooked on a Sunday, which makes a change from a Sunday roast!


Biryani is an Urdu word which is linked to the Persian word for “rice” which makes sense, as a Biryani is a rice-based dish! (and also delicious)


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