3 Reasons to be Excited about National Curry Week 2017

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These days you get national days, weeks or months for all sorts of things: ‘Organic September’, ‘Organ Donation Week’ and even ‘National Read a Book Day.’ They’re great for highlighting causes you believe in, and they do amazing things.

Thankfully, from 9th – 15th October 2017, we have a cause that all of us can be passionate: National Curry Week! After summers full of barbeques, what can be better to unite the British public than the great taste of curry?

We’ve thought of three reasons why National Curry Week should be on you calendar this year?

  1. It’s so British it’s unbelievable

Anyone watching the Bake Off this year? Well if you want true Britishness, you’d be more advised to jump online and order a curry with us. Britain is mad about curry, it’s the national dish, and National Curry Week will be about celebrating how British curry truly has become.

  1. The whole country’s involved

This isn’t a small thing or a marketing gimmick, this is an official National Week and that means that the whole country will be coming together to celebrate. You’ll be part of a national week of celebration.

  1. We’re going to do something BIG

At Voujon, we want to be involved, so we’ll be launching something special to honour the occasion. Watch this space!

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