3 healthy menu swaps for when you’re watching what you eat

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When it comes to eating Indian food, many people often lump Indian food in the same category with other takeaway options, such as Pizza or Chinese. We think this is unfair, as Indian food is packed full of ingredients that are really good for you, and there are lots of options on our menu for someone who is wanting to make wiser health choices, as well as some for a bit of well-deserved indulgence.

At Voujon, we would hate for you to miss out on a great curry night if you’re looking to keep your carb or fat levels lower, so we’ve got some great alternatives so you can enjoy. Here are three swaps you can make which will help you if you’re wanting to make healthy choices.

Here’s the main point though: Healthy swaps doesn’t mean you miss out on flavour!

Swap: Creamy sauces for Tomato sauces

Creamy sauces like those you get in a Korma are delicious, but also higher in fat. A great alternative is a tomato-based sauce like Madras or a Bhuna.

Swap: Naan for roti

Naan uses white flour, whereas roti uses wholemeal flour and is usually slightly smaller, so you’re making some good healthy carbohydrate choices with this swap.

Swap: Pilau rice for boiled rice

We all love Pilau rice, but if you’d like to save on a bit of the fat, try boiled rice instead. It’s a simple swap, but if you’re looking for a fat reducing swap, this one is a quick and easy change.

Whether you’re having a treat or making healthy choices, we’ve got amazing options for you. Order online here.

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