3 Facts you may not know about coriander

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You’ve got to love sightseeing. As soon as there’s a chance to hop on a plane, there’s nothing better to do than look around a new place and check out the sights. (Ok, lying by a pool is also pretty good too!)

With most big cities, it’s the landmarks that are the go-to places. The thing about landmarks are not just the landmarks themselves, but the influence they have on everything else. Think Big Ben and London, Eiffel Tower and Paris, Empire State Building and New York. Their presence has had an effect on the whole city.

It’s very similar in the world of curry. If you think of the spices and herbs used in a curry as the landmarks in a town, then coriander is up there with the biggest of the lot. And like other landmarks, even if it’s not the star of the dish, the effect in the dish is still noticeable.

And as with all good Landmarks, the more you know about it, the more you appreciate it. So here are 5 things you may not know about coriander:

  1. In North & South America it’s called Cilantro

Cilantro? Yep. Why? It’s Spanish. Although according to the site, What’s Cooking America , it’s called Cilantro before it flowers and produces seeds and Coriander afterwards.

  1. It’s a member of the Carrot family

Well, to be precise it’s the Apiaceae family – which is a family of aromatic flowering plants including anise, celery, cumin, dill and parsley. I guess that’s why coriander and cumin are so good together.

  1. It’s really good for you

According to the Times of India , coriander can lower bad cholesterol, help your digestive system, prevents eye disease amongst any other benefits. It’s also stocked with Vitamin C, Vitamin K and protein.

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